Thursday, December 11, 2008


"We'll see about that, motherf@%*er"

Chunkzilla caused quite a stir in the cartoon wrestling world the moment he stormed into the BWF offices demanding a Heftyweight title shot, a private bathroom and a tub filled with cookie dough cheesecake. Taken aback by his belligerence and unusual ability to belch fire, BWF management complied without hesitation.

It should come as no surprise that Chunkzilla is a dirty fighter who stop at nothing to gain a victory. In the ill conceived Eskimo Genital Bindings Match of 2008, he scored a highly controversial win by choking Clarence B. Sharpe into unconsciousness using his tail.

Despite his abusive nature and irritating habit of sticking his nose in everyone's business, Chunkzilla has developed a modest but very loyal (and vocal) fanbase known as "Chunk Addicts".

Weight: 520 lbs.

Finishing maneuver: The Low Blow Tokyo Dosie Doe (you have to see it to believe it)

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