Friday, January 26, 2007

Letter of Complaint

Dear BWF Management,

As the above heading suggests, I am writing to complain. I have been a dedicated cartoon wrestling fan my whole life and I spend roughly $1,200 a month on various BWF products. However, I am simply outraged at the way we female wrestling fans are consistently overlooked. For example, there is not a single ladies room in the entire BWF Enormodome (capacity 115,000). When I asked an usher which facilities I should use, he merely shrugged and suggested I “hold it”.

Furthermore, I am tired of how every commercial during your otherwise fine Slam Your Face Off program is geared towards men and men alone. In last week's hour-long episode, I decided to take note. There were four commercials for Crotty Beer, three for men’s deodorant, six for Viagra, and eight for men’s beard trimmers. But what about my beard?

If you do not change your policies, I will have no choice but to compose a follow-up letter. Sincerely,

- Miffy