Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dear Og

When co-tag team champion Og of the Neanderthals is not punishing people's faces in the ring, he likes to socialize and chat with fans. Og will be answering questions here on a semi-regular basis:

Q: After being frozen for thousands of years, what exactly made you decide to devote your life to professional wrestling?

- Tony Montenello, Wichita KS

OG: Thanks for question Tony. Thak and me spent many hours wrestling for food back in Pangea. We not surprised wrestling skills come natural for Neanderthals.

Q: My girlfriend and I aren't speaking to eachother because I watch too much wrestling. Should I dump her or stop watching wrestling? Og, what should I do?

- Clueless in Cranston

OG: Mmmm. This be tough question.... Og think if she not willing to tolerate to what make you happy, relationship bad. On other hand, too much wrestling watching not always right thing good too. Me recommend compromise. Perhaps buy nice food eat and flowers.