Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Slim & Sully

Slim and Sully are the resident pranksters of the BWF. While they are certainly a formidable tag team, their priorities lie more with making eachother laugh than scoring a legitimate pinfall. Their history can be traced back to seventh grade where they forged a lifelong friendship based on bullying. They began with classmates before moving on to teachers, principals, social workers and finally graduating to government workers and visiting dignitaries. Since entering the BWF, Slim & Sully have systematically broken every rule in the BWF handbook, causing BWF rulemakers to create more rules which were also promptly broken. Their intimidating tactics consist of childish name calling, outrageous sneak attacks and general humiliation. Always searching for creative new ways to cheat, the duo has been known to take everyday items (such as bran muffins) and turn them into devestating, bout deciding weapons.

Mark Sully: Sully is the mastermind of the team. His smug display of nonchalant arrogance has managed to get under the skin of almost every opponent he's faced, often resulting in a psychological advantage at the start of the match. His past pranks include the infamous toilet cam, the wild mongoose attack on the Bishops (see the Bishops) and dumping human waste on unsuspecting civilians (known as "Shit Patrol").

Slims Jones: Though Slim has no qualms about taking orders from Sully, it is unfair to dismiss him as a mere cronie. It was after all, his exploding pants gag that led them to their first championship title. Slim and Sully are said to feed off of eachother's energy, each one desperately trying to impress and outdo the other.

Finishing Maneuver: The Emasculator - a shamelessly cruel, full-blown assault on the testicles of their fallen opponent.