Saturday, September 30, 2006

What the Hell Ever Happened to: "Lucky" Lenny Spigoli?

In 1997 "Lucky" Lenny Spigoli had the spotlight to himself.  He was the first and only wrestler to capture both the BWF Interstate Championship title as well as one half of the tag team championship. As you're well aware, his partner was Beefy Biff Cretella.   

Lenny's brilliant career continued to soar in 1998, during the height of the unexpected "singing wrestler" phenomenon. Spigoli captivated the world with his catchy hit single "I've Got Two Belts (But Only One Pair of Pants)".  And that same year, the wrestling fans voted him "most likely to have a long, injury free career".     

His bright career faded however, when Thak of the Neanderthals got a little carried away during an Eskimo Table Saw Match in 2001. The uncontrollable savage clubbed 'the lucky one' senseless with his trusty mammoth bone and Lenny would never be the same. But as reckless and unforgivable as his actions were, the world just couldn't stay mad at Thak.

After years of unsuccessful physical therapy sessions, Lenny was forced to face the harsh reality that he would never be able to wrestle again.   Since his absence from the squared circle, the inevitable outrageous rumors began to circulate. Some went as far as to suggest that he is addicted to heroin or serving time in prison.   Obviously neither of these is true.  But just where the Hell is "Lucky" Lenny Spigoli today?  

As luck would have it, he's dead!  In September 2004, Leonard Daniel Spigoli was murdered over a heroin dispute while serving time at Deep River Penitentiary. He will not be forgotten.

Tune in next week (or so) when we answer the question "What the Hell ever happened to "Crusty" Pete Knickers!